How to add a quick table of contents in Altium

There are several ways to add a table of contents in your Altium’s design. The more personalized will be probably to do it by hand but it will take you a lot of time to adjust everything in order.
In this tutorial, I am going to show you an easy way to make a quick table content in Altium using directly a copy of the Annotation compiled sheets window.

In this example I will use the OpenRex Project from imx6rex.

  1. The first step is to numbering all your sheets if you did not do it.
    Go to Tools->Annotation -> Number Schematic Sheets
     In the opening window, click on the « Update Sheet Count » button to update the number of pages, then put your sheets in order and press « Auto Sheet Number » and « Auto Document Number ».
  2. Now that all your sheets are numbered, go to Tools-> Annotation-> Annotate Compiled Sheets.
  3. Put in order all of your sheets using the MoveUp and MoveDown buttons then click on « Annotate Sheet » to update the sheet number row.
  4. Guess what, this table will be your table of content! Select all the table using Shift+Click the Ctrl+C to copy the table.
  5. Open a new spreadsheet (Open Office, Excel…) then paste the table:
  6. You can add all you want, images, colours… Once you are done, just copy and paste the new table to your first sheet design using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+v
  7. Here is an example of final result (I am sure you can do better):
  8. Leave me a comment if this was helpful. 😉

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