Draftsman in altium

Hi everyone,

I didn’t have lot of time these past few days but I am back to show you some good things using the tool Drafstman in Altium.

Have you ever wanted to produce a nice document related to your design but you don’t know where to start? I mean, a document which look like professional where you can put all your engineering requirements and mechanical informations.

Draftsman is what you need.

Draftsman is an alternative way to create documents for board design. Based on a dedicated file format and set of drawing tools, the Draftsman drawing system provides an interactive approach to bringing together fabrication and assembly drawings with custom templates, annotations, dimensions, callouts, and notes.

Once your design is finished, you can add a Drafstman document by clicking on New->Drafstman document:

As you don’t have any template yet, you will have to choose an empty sheet (Default) for your first one:

You can start by changing the page option, sheet size, grid…

Then the fun can start!
With the Version 18, Altium make some improvements. You can have more choice in the place section.

I like to place an isometric view which is nice for an overview of the board on the front page:

Then you can place a frame with information like title, number of page, date, author…

A cool trick that you can clic on the (x)+ button to acces to the list of parameters used in your design:

For example to get the number page you will write:

Page =SheetNumber / =SheetTotal

After that you can add more sheet by clicking right and « add sheet ». You can add more views of your PCB, the stackup, the drill table, your BOM and more…

If you like your arrangement you can save it as Template by clicking on File->SaveAs and choose:

Once you finish, you will be able to export the Draftsman document in PDF clicking File->Export->PDF

Here we go, I hope this will be helpful 🙂

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